Discovering Latin American Essential Oils

As a representative of Plant’s Power Company, I attended the International Conference of Essential Oils in Cartagena, Colombia. As a person, I like bright colours on my wardrobe and in my surroundings. I had complete joy living 7 days in the historic part of Cartagena where each house is painted in a different colour and many have beautiful bougainvilleas in front of them as seen in the picture below.
Streets of CartagenaVera at the International Conference of Essential Oils

 In this invigorating city, the International Conference on Essential Oils focused on oils from Latin America. The countries Argentina and Brazil are the world’s biggest producers of Lemon and Orange oils. Unfortunately, the recent citrus greening disease put a new challenge on the production of fruits and essential oils. On top of disease there are other economic problems in Argentina that lowered availability and pushed the prices of Citrus oils up.

In other Latin American countries: Colombia, Peru, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, the production of essential oils in based on local flora.

Production of essential oils in Colombia is a new dawn for Colombian Agriculture.

This list of essential oils from Colombia has some oils from well-known plants and also some that are specific to the region:

Cananga odorata                          Ylang-ylang

Cymbopogon martinii    Palmarosa

Cymbopogon nardus                    Citronella

Elettaria cardamomum    Cardamon

Lippia alba (Carvona)

Lippia alba (Citral)

Lippia origonoides (Thimol)

Ocimum basilicum

Satureja viminea

Swinglea glutinosa

Tagetes lucida

Vetiveria zizanoides


Other interesting facts are that El Salvador is famous for it's production of Peru Balsam. Paraguay is the main producer of Guaiacwood oil, Cabreuva, Vetiver, Petitgrain ( C.  aurantium), and Guayil acetate.

In the Amazonian part of Peru, the reforestation of Rosewood started a few years ago. Now the essential oil is distilled from the leaves and branches of 3-5 year old trees so no destruction of the plant is needed for the production of the essential oil.

 Also in Peru, there is production of Palo Santo (Bursera graveolens) oil, Arrayan (Luma chequen), and Pink pepper (Shinus molle).

The conference was both informative and good for networking. If you would like to learn more about oils from Latin America or would like to request a quote or sample of any essential oil or absolute that we carry, please contact us at the address and phone number below:


Vera B. Matovina, Plant Power CEO


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