Rosehip Seed (Rosa canina) Carrier Oil, Cold Pressed, Organic

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Rosehip Seed Carrier Oil - Cold Pressed - Organic

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Botanical binomial: Rosa canina

INCI Name: Rosa canina Seed Oil

Family: Rosaceae

Other names: Dog rose

CAS No.: 92347-25-6

EINECS No.: 296-213-3

Country of Origin: Ukraine

Part of plant used in production: Seed

Methods of production: Cold pressed



Rosa canina is a shrub that has distinct pink flowers, where the fruits are reddish-orange in colour.


A pale to deep golden, amber liquid with the aroma that is mildly sweet and earthy.


Anti-aging, Anti-oxidants, Anti-inflammatory.


Linolenic Acid (33.4%), Linoleic Acid (45.5%), Oleic Acid (15.4%), Stearic Acid (1.9%), Palmitic Acid (3.8%).


Rosehip is often referred to as the ‘oil of youth’, it is extremely high in essential fatty acids which, aids in the treatment of dry, irritated, weathered skin. As well as treatments for age spots, burns, scars and stretch marks.

Due to its high content of vitamin C, it can also be used to treat infections as well as boosting the immune system.