Kukui Nut (Aleurites moluccana) Carrier Oil

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Kukui Nut Carrier Oil

Botanical binomial: Aleurites moluccana

INCI Name: Aleurites moluccana Seed Oil

Family: Euphorbiaceae

Other names: Candle nut

CAS No.: 8015-80-3

Country of Origin: Hawaii

Part of plant used in production: Fruit

Methods of production: Cold-pressed



Kukui nut tree is Hawaii’s official state tree that was brought to Hawaii by early polynesian settlers. They are characterized by their light green silvery foliage.


Kukui nut oil is a semi-clear liquid with a light, sweet, and nutty aroma.




Palmitic acid, Stearic acid, Oleic acid, Linoleic, α-Linolenic


Kukui nut oil is excellent for all skin types, especially dry, mature and damaged skins. It is rejuvenating and soothing to the skin. Also great for skin conditions such as psoriasis, acne, aging skin and eczema.