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Ho Wood Essential Oil

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 Ho Wood Essential Oil

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Botanical binomial: Cinnamomum camphora var. Linalool

Family: Lauraceae

Other names: Shiu oil, white camphor

Country of Origin: China

Part of plant used in production: Wood, bark, twigs, leaves

Methods of production: Steam distillation

Description: Ho Wood oil is derived from the same tree as Ravintsara (derived from leaves). The tree grows in Asia and
Characteristics: Light, and thin pale yellow to yellow liquid with a fresh, sweet, medium strength scent
Properties: Anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial, mild analgesic, deodorant
Constituents: Linalool > 98%
Uses: Relaxation, cramps, cold/flu, eczema, perfumery- a beautiful, sweet scent, room diffusion, deodorant, foot care.
Blends well with: Rosewood, Ylang-ylang, sandalwood, bergamot
Interesting Facts: : Ho Wood is commonly used as a substitute to Rosewood oil which is an endangered species.
Safety: For external use only. Dilute in a carrier oil and avoid contact with eyes. May cause irritation in some individuals therefore skin patch test is recommended.