Helichrysum (Helichrysum itallicum) Hydrosol

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Helichrysum Hydrosol


Botanical binomial: Helichrysum italicum

INCI Name: Helichrysum italicum (Helichrysum) Flower Water

Family: Asteraceae

Other names: Immortelle

CAS No.: 90045-56-0

Country of Origin: Bosnia and Herzegovina

Part of plant used in production: Flowering tops

Methods of production: Steam distillation by-product

Preservatives: 0.05% Ethyl Alcohol

Storage: Ideally store between 10 to 18°C



Helichrysum is known as immortelle or everlasting. It is a small perennial herb with narrow, silver leaves and golden yellow clustered flowers.


Helichrysum hydrosol has an aroma of honey, herbal and earthy. Resembling Helichrysum essential oil.


Anti-inflammatory, Anti-hematoma, Analgesic, Anti-viral, Anti-spasmodic, Anti-aging.


It can make a great addition to first aid kit as it effectively cleans wounds and compress bruises. It is also great for skin treatments such as acne scarring, sunburn, eczema, and psoriasis.

As it also makes for excellent enhancement of skin health and beauty, rejuvenating and stimulating collagen production. Aiding in the reduction of facial lines and wrinkles.