Apricot (Prunus armeniaca L.) Kernel Carrier Oil, Virgin Organic

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Apricot (Prunus Ameniaca L.) kernel oil seed Oil, Virgin Organic


Botanical binomial: Prunus armeniaca L.

Family: Rosaceae

Other names: Apricot oil, Apricot kernel oil

Country of Origin: Turkey

Part of plant used in production: Seeds

Methods of production: Cold pressed

Description: Apricots grow on small trees with a rounded base and ovate leaves. The fruit is a drupe of an orange colour and velvety hairs. It's origin is debated but the name suggests that it is from Armenia.
Characteristics: Lightly fragrant oil
Properties: Anti-oxidant, moisturizer, skin conditioning, masking
Constituents: Oleic acid 66%, linoleic acid 29%, Palmitic acid 4%, Vitamin E 430mg/kg, Phytosterols 3,500mg/kg
Uses: Used to treat inflammatory skin disorders, moisturize dry skin, and keep the hair looking sleek and healthy. May be used as a men’s shampoo to strengthen hair and deliver a healthy shine. Useful as part of foot scrubs, hand, face, and hair creams and masks, as well as nourishing soaps.
Blends well with: Ginger, grapefruit essential oils
Interesting Facts: : Apricot is the national fruit of Armenia often depicted in souvenirs. It was thought to have originated there however recent research suggests that it’s origins are in China.
Safety: For external use only. Regular long term use on infants and children is not recommended. Consult a healthcare practitioner before use if pregnant or nursing.


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