Coconut MCT 60/40 Oil - Fractionated Coconut Oil

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Botanical binomial: Cocos nucifera

INCI Name: Cocos nucifera Oil

Family: Arecaceae

CAS No.: 8001-31-8

Country of Origin: Philippines

Part of plant used in production: Coconut Kernels

Methods of production: Esterification



Holding the same properties as conventional coconut oil, fractionated coconut oil is colourless, liquid at room temperature and has little to no odor.


Anti-septic, Anti-microbial, Anti-fungal, Anti-oxidants, Anti-aging.


Fatty Acid composition %:
C8: 55-65
C10: 35-45


Fractionated coconut oil has a non greasy feel which penetrates the skin readily. In turn, making it a popular carrier oil for transporting essential oils and actives. Can be used in soaps, creams, lip balms, lotions, baby products and message oils.