Clary Sage (Salvia sclarea) Essential oil
Clary Sage (Salvia sclarea) Essential oil
Clary Sage (Salvia sclarea) Essential oil
Clary Sage (Salvia sclarea) Essential oil

Clary Sage (Salvia sclarea) Essential oil

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Clary Sage Essential Oil

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Botanical binomial: Salvia sclarea

Family: Lamiaceae

Other names: Clary wort, clear eye, common clary

Country of Origin: Bulgaria

Part of plant used in production: Fresh flowers

Methods of production: Steam distillation

Description: Clary Sage is a biennial or perennial herb that can grow up to 1 metre in height. The plant has purple or blue flowers and hairy leaves.
Characteristics: Salvia scalera produces a clear to pale yellow oil. It's odour is pungent, floral, fresh, and sweet-herbaceous with a bitter-sweet or nutty undertone
Properties: Sedative on the nervous system and spasmodic on smooth muscle due to linalyl acetate. The oil exhibits a cooling effect on inflammation.
Constituents: Clary sage oil contains a mixture of monoterpene esters and monoterpene alcohols. Its dominant components are linalyl acetate (63-80%), and linalool (8-28 %).
Uses: Treating depression, cleansing and rejuvinating skin and hair, perfumery, and some food essences. Clary sage is used as a component in soaps, detergents, creams, lotions and perfumes. Maximum amount reported in perfumes is 0.8%.
Blends well with Bergamot, citrus, frankincense, geranium, jasmine, neroli, petitgrain, pine,sandalwood, ylang-ylang.
Interesting Facts: Clary sage was originally produced for perfumery and fragnance trades. In the Middle Ages it was used t aid digestion, clear out the kidneys and decrease menstrual problems. The name 'clear-eye' comes from the historic use of the seeds to treat eye infections.
Safety: Non-toxic, non-irritant, and non- sensitizing at 8% dilution. Caution should be taken if pregnant or lactating due to the spasmolytic effect of the oil.