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Cedar leaf (Thuja occidentalis) Essential Oil

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Cedar Leaf Essential Oil

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Botanical binomial: Thuja occidentalis

Family: Cypress

Other names: Cedar leaf, American/Eastern Arborvitae, White Cedar

Country of Origin: Canada

Part of plant used in production: Leaves

Methods of production: Steam distillation

Description: A dense, conical to narrow-pyramidal evergreen, coniferous tree with aromatic foliage that are scale-like and yellow-green to green in colour.
Characteristics: Cedar leaf oil is a pleasantly strong top note with a nice fresh woody camphoraceous smell. Resembling freshly crushed cedar leaf twigs.
Properties: Anti-rheumatic, astringent, diuretic, emmenagogue, expectorant, insect repellent, rubefacient, stimulant, tonic and vermifuge substance.
Constituents: alpha-pinene, alpha-thujone, beta-thujone, bornyl acetate, camphene, camphone, delta sabinene, fenchone and terpinenol.
Uses: As a natural detoxifier, it speeds up the removal of the toxic and unwanted substances in the body through urine. Alongside it also acts as a stimulant, improving circulation of blood and lymphs. In combination, these properties give relief from rheumatism, arthritis and gout. It can also be used to treat coughs, cystitis, warts, moles, abnormal cellular growth, some form of cancers and polyps.
Blends well with: Cedarwood, Neroli, Geranium, Tangerine, Mandarin, Lavender and Pine Needle.
Interesting Facts: The word Thuja is a Greek word meaning thuo (to sacrifice) or to fumigate.
Safety: For topical uses only, dilute before use. Avoid contact with eyes and mouth.