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Olive Pomace (Olea europaea) Carrier Oil

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Olive Pomace Oil

Botanical binomial: Olea europaea

Family: Oleaceae


CAS number: 8001-25-0

Country of Origin: Spain

Part of plant used in production: Fruit/Pulp

Methods of production: Solvent Extracted



Pomace olive oil is obtained from the flesh fruit and pit of oil fruit by solvent extraction. It is then refined to remove the natural taste and colour. The appearance of pomace olive oil is a yellowish green colour with a bland odour and taste. Pomace grade is mostly used in the soap production. Olive oil is also used as a base for maceration of other plants (lavender flowers, St. John’s Worth, Arnica).

Saponification value: 184-196

Melting point : -3oC to 0oC%

Unsaponifiable: 0.5-1.5

Fatty acid composition:

Palmitic acid 16:0 7.5-20%

Palmit6oleic acid 16:1 1.2-1.4%

Total oleic acid: 18:1 55-83%

Phytosterols 6,590 mg/kg

Squalene 9,250 mg/kg

Chlorophyll 34mg/kg

Phenols 36mg/kg

Vitamin E 70-150mg/kg(α-tocopherol 63-135 mg/kg)

Carotenoids β Carotene 7mg/kg


Used in the personal care industry predominatly for manufacturing of soaps and creams.