Cognac White (Vitis vinifera) Essential Oil

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Cognac White Essential Oil

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Botanical binomial: Vitis vinifera L.

Family: Vitaceae

Country of Origin: France

Part of plant used in production: Wine dregs

Methods of production: Steam distillation

Description: Vitis vinifera is a shrub that can stretch to several meters in length. It is known primarily for its grapes for wine production.
Characteristics: A colourless to amber yellow liquid with a fruity character, as well as syrupy and butyric facets.
Properties: Fragrances and flavouring.

White cognac oil is slightly fruitier than it’s green counterpart.

Constituents: Ethyl caprate (C10) and ethyl laurate (C12)
Uses: With its powerful aroma yet green-herbaceous note, it makes a great addition to male scents.
Blends well with: Ambrette seed, bergamot, coriander, galbanum, lavender, linalool, clary sage, ylang ylang.
Interesting Facts:

Cognac essential oil is a by-product of wine-making and has been around since the times of the ancient Greeks and Romans.


For external use only.