Watermelon (Citrullus lanatus) Seed Carrier Oil, Cold Pressed

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Watermelon, (Citrullus lanatus) seed Oil

Botanical binomial: Citrullus lanatus

Family: Cucurbitaceae

Other names: Ootanga oil, Kalajari oil, wild melon oil

Country of Origin: India

Part of plant used in production: Seeds

Methods of production: Cold pressed

Description: An annual plant originating form the Kalahari Desert regions of Botswana and Namibia. Watermelons are grown for it's refreshing flavour, while the seeds are used to extract highly nutritious oil.
Characteristics: A slightly nutty, sweet-smelling oil that is fast absorbing and light in texture. Watermelon oil islight yellow or golden in colour and unique among other vegetable oils in its fatty acid composition.
Properties: Detoxifying, anti-aging, anti-oxidant, anti-inflammatory
Constituents: High in unsaturated fatty acids: Linoleic acid 65%, Oleic acid 14%, Palmitic acid 11%, Stearic acid 8%. Phytosterols 40-80 mg/kg, Vitamins A,B, and E, minerals such as magnesium, iron, copper, and potassium.
Uses: Watermelon seed oil is widely used in Namibia in hard soap production while in the Western world, it is becoming more popular in skincare to decrease puffiness around the eyes and moisturize mature skin. It is a great ingredient in anti-aging products for all skin types. It can be used on it's own or combined with other oils and massaging into the scalp for improved hair growth.
Blends well with: rosehip seed oil, cucumber oil, goji seed oil
Interesting Facts: : Watermelons are thought to have originated in the Kalahari desert of West Africa. They were then cultivated by the Egyptians and passed on to the Romans where they were prized posessions. Traditionally the seeds were dried in the sun and then pressed to extract the oil.


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