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Chamomile roman (Anthemis nobilis) Hydrosol

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Chamomile (Roman) Hydrosol

Botanical binomial: Anthemis nobilis

INCI Name: Anthemis nobilis flower water

Family: Asteraceae

Other names: Chamaemelum nobile

Country of Origin: Morocco

Part of plant used in production: Flower

Methods of production: Steam distillation

Preservatives: 0.05% Ethyl Alcohol

Storage: Ideally store between 10 to 18°C



Chamomile Roman has been used since ancient times for its healing purposes. It is characterized by their daisy-like flowers.


Chamomile Roman hydrosol is a pleasant aroma that is bright, crisp, sweet, fruity, and herbaceous.


Astringent, Anti-inflammatory, Nervine, Sedative.


Chamomile Roman hydrosol is extremely soothing to irritated skin helping to treat eczema and psoriasis. As an astringent, it also helps refine pores and sebum control. It is great for all skin types, especially sensitive, acne prone, dry or aging skin.

It is also effective in the calming of the nerves promoting relaxation making it ideal for treatments of depression, stress, anxiety and insomnia.