Cedar leaf (Thuja occidentalis) Hydrosol

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Cedar Leaf Hydrosol

Botanical binomial: Thuja occidentalis

Family: Cupressaceae

Other names: Thuja hydrosol

Country of Origin: Canada

Part of plant used in production: Leaf

Methods of production: Steam distillation by-product

Preservatives: No

Storage: Ideally store between 10 to 18°C



It is also known as “Tree of Life”, a small coniferous tree.


Cedar leaf hydrosol has an aroma that is sweet but refreshing and reminiscent of cedar trees.


Astringent, Insecticide.


Cedar leaf hydrosol acts as a great skin toner, cleansing the skin which helps control acne. The pleasant aroma of cedar leaf enhances relaxation, providing a sense of vigour and energy.

It can also be as a disinfectant, insecticide and emolument.