Abyssinian (Crambe abyssinica) Seed Carrier Oil

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Abyssinian Seed Oil - Refined

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Botanical binomial: Crambe abyssinica.

INCI Name: Crambe Abyssinica Seed Oil

Family: Brassicaceae

CAS No.: 68956-68-3

EINECS No.: 273-313-5

Country of Origin: Canada

Part of plant used in production: seed

Methods of production: Cold Pressed, Refined

Description: Crambe abyssinica is an annual plant native to the Mediterranean area and naturally high in erucic acid

Characteristics: Oil is clear pale yellow, slight sweet, earthy scent.

Properties: Easy skin absorption, non-greasy feel

Constituents: Erucic Acid (50-65%), Oleic Acid (10-25%), Linoleic Acid (7-15%)

Uses: Cosmetics, personal care products

Cautions: None known 

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