cajeput oil Melaleuca Cajeputi
Cajeput (Melaleuca Cajeputi) Essential Oil
cajeput oil Melaleuca Cajeputi
Cajeput (Melaleuca Cajeputi) Essential Oil

Cajeput (Melaleuca Cajeputi) Essential Oil

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Cajeput Essential Oil

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Botanical binomial: Melaleuca Cajeputi

Family: Myrtaceae

INCI Name: Melaleuca Cajuputi (Cajeput) Oil

Other names: Cajeput, paper bark tree, swamp tea tree, broad-leaved tea tree

Country of Origin: Indonesia

Part of plant used in production: leaves

Methods of production: Steam distillation

Characteristics: Clear to slightly light yellowish mobile liquid. Nice fresh scent with a camphorous aroma and slight sweet, floral finish.
Properties: Antimicrobial, decongestant, antispasmodic, carminative,
Constituents: 1,8 Cineole, alpha-Pinene, Beta-Pinen, Limonene, Linalool, Geraniol
Uses: Use to aid insect bites, oily skin, muscular aches and pains, asthma, colds, acne, dermatitis.
Blends well with lavender, rosemary, cardamom, eucalyptus, tea tree
Interesting Facts:
Safety: skin sensitisation. Avoid contact with eyes and mouth.